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On foot

From Kropotkinskaya metro station, (exiting to Cathedral of Christ the Saviour) passing Patriarch bridge over Moscow river, going down to Bersenyevskaya embankment. Going to Peter the Great monument. Red October building will be to the left. At the end of the embankment, turn left. Then you will see the parking lot, opposite to it there will be the entrance into the building via red door of semi basement level.

By car

Exit to Bersenyevaskaya embankment from Serafimovicha street. If going from Bolshoy Kamennyy bridge, immediately after it keep slightly right (but don't drive under the bridge). If going from Sofiyskaya embankment, after passing under Bolshoy Kammeniy bridge, turn left (take proper care not to get to wrong lane!). If going from Bolshaya Polyanka street, make a u-turn under Bolshoy Kammeniy bridge. Then, turn right to Bolotnaya embankment.

Red October business park, Bolotnaya embankment , 3/2
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