Communication strategy development

Communication strategy is based on analysis of the product itself and its potential customers firstly, and secondly on analysis of competitors. Development of new brand positioning concepts and ways of communication with customer are based on results of this analysis.

Development of media strategies

While media strategy is being developed, we select communication vehicle used to deliver communicative message to the target audience. Besides, we develop strategy of using media vehicle defining a certain role for each vehicle.

Media planning

As part of media planning, we select optimum advertising media for each mass media (TV channels, radio, periodicals, etc.) and distribute advertising budget among them. Also, we calculate forecasted efficiency of advertising campaign (coverage, frequency).

Buying, launching and supporting advertisement companies

Media buying is the procurement of media real estate at optimal placement and price allowing to optimize advertising budget. During launch and support, we control launch of advertisement company and its fulfillment in accordance with approved media plan.

Media audit and consulting

As part of advertising consulting we take into account and analyze former and present advertising actions of the brand, its advertising companies, marketing and strategic task and goals, particularities of company life cycle, features of product or service, and, of course, a customer.

Supporting brands on the Internet

As of today, there is no such brand that could easily do without Internet support. Such support stands for work package aimed at development and brand recognition on the Internet (establishment of brand platform, providing content for it, attraction of audience, etc.).


Despite direct advertisement for brand promotion, a great value is given to PR. PR strategy's goal is to create reputation of a certain product and producer, convince customers of products exclusivity, reliability, traditionally good quality, win sympathy of customers not for the moment, but with prospective to the future.